Following a visit to the Veterans Hospital in 2011 by our Founder, Floyd A. Smith, he was disheartened by the poor conditions and emotional disparagement veterans are succumbed to.  He shared “they should receive the best healthcare services available” and was compelled to find a way to give back. Floyd is a gifted musician in San Diego, and although not a medical professional, he moved quickly to develop a way to give back to our Veterans and help in their healing process.

He explored his relationships in the music industry, musicians, music therapists and discovered expert practitioners working with wounded and disabled Veterans suffering from PTSD and other brain injuries, using sound and music therapy. In so doing, he gained a greater awareness of how effective sound and music therapy can be. Together, he and his Directors at Music Therapy for Veterans (MTFV) have over 45 years of experience working in their specialized fields. Through his relationship with six (6) time Grammy award winners, The 5th Dimension, as their bass/baritone singer, he has witnessed first-hand, time and time again, the power of music through his audiences.

A full spectrum model of therapy will be offered at MTFV. We are incorporating the wide breadth of music and sound-based interventions, techniques, research and philosophies to meet the individual needs of our diverse Veteran population. Sound and music therapy is used as a tool to assist in making non-musical gains and to focus treatment directly on the veteran’s desired needs, outcomes, and appropriate diagnosis as well as treatment setting.

Irrefutable documented evidence confirms that if we can create a cohesive personal narrative of our lives, and if we can link up our emotions with specific events, then we have the power to take control of how those emotions and events affect our lives through sound and music therapy.

Floyd A. Smith, Founder/CEO

Michelle Price,  VP, Digital Strategy & Community Relations

Tayari Howard,  VP, Organizational Development

Paul Liebmann III, Director of Events & Operations

Jose Payne King, Veteran’s Liaison, Real Estate Consultant

Board Members

Dennis Mannes, PhD. Neuroscientist, Founder BrainTek Institute

Tamara Hoover, MD  Board Member

Iris Garcia, Board Member

Paul Hait, Board Member

Bari Vaz, Accountant