After visiting a Veterans Administration Hospital in 2011, the Founder and CEO of Music Therapy For Veterans, Floyd A. Smith, was dismayed and disheartened by the environment and emotional disparagement in which the Veterans were being treated. Upon leaving the hospital that day he thought to himself and said aloud, “Veterans should receive the very best healthcare services available”, and in that moment he was inspired and vowed to find a way to make a difference.

Floyd is not only a gifted musician and living legend in San Diego, he is the Bass Baritone (Basso Profundo) vocalist for the six-time Grammy Award winning group, The Fifth Dimension. Through their sold-out international touring performances, Floyd has personally witnessed time and again the power and ability of music to instantly uplift people. Although not a medical professional, Floyd recognized the urgent need to find a way to give back to our Veterans, and assist in the journey towards helping them in their individual healing processes.

Calling upon the relationships established in over four decades in the Music Industry, Floyd sought out and encountered musical therapists. Board Certified practitioners working with wounded, injured, and ill Veterans suffering from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries getting results by utilizing sound and music therapies. He gained insight of how so very effective musical therapy can be in treatments for the symptoms of PTSD and TBI. Floyd has assembled a core team of Directors, in which MTFV has over 50 years combined working experience in their respective specialized fields.

A full spectrum of music and sound therapies are offered with MTFV. We incorporate a wide array of music and sound therapies and interventions. These protocols are structured from research and developed by the diagnosis, needs analysis, and appropriate treatment setting, all of which are garnered from the individual Veteran’s experience and history. We seek specific outcomes in order to meet the need of the diverse Veteran population from their respective different theaters of operation and deployment dating back as far to WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, to the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and current day.

Irrefutable documented evidence confirms if we create a cohesive personal narrative of our lives linking emotions with specific events, we then have the ability to utilize how those emotions and events positively affect their lives through proven musical and sound-based therapies.


Floyd A. Smith, Founder/CEO
Suzanne Gonzales, Marketing and Sales

Board Members

Iris Garcia,  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Bari Vaz, Accountant

Advisory Board

Ed Badrak, Veteran Services Liaison
Jim T. Chong, Executive Publicist/Strategic Partnerships/PR
Rance Wilson, Special Events & Community Partner
Tayari Howard, Development